yogi® COMPREHENSIVE ALLERGEN PANEL - Sampling Instrument Rental

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Assess for allergens including dust mite allergens Der f 1 & Der p 1, dog allergen Can f 1, cat allergen Fel d 1, and cockroach allergen Bla g 2.

Customizable to include rat and mouse allergen Rat n 1 and Mus m 1 and/or cockroach allergen Bla g 1, upon request.

 *yogi  sampling instrument rental fee is included with purchase.

More info about the Comprehensive Allergen Panel.

Live Pure, Inc. uses only independent, accredited labs.  A Certified Industrial Hygienist reviews all results and is available for complimentary consultation on all high readings. Results are available within fifteen business days of the lab’s receipt of your sample box, unless an expedited product is selected.


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Currently available in the 48 continental United States; excludes Alaska and Hawaii.

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